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Chengdu enterprise M&A investment value evaluation, need to disclose what are the contents?

What are the contents that need to be disclosed in the evaluation of M&A investment value?

What are the disclosure requirements?

Article 42 Asset appraisal professionals perform the business of evaluating the value of enterprise merger and acquisition investment,

The following contents shall be disclosed in the assets evaluation report:

(1) The main contents of the merger plan;

(b) the types of synergies obtained from the evaluation and analysis;

(3) Types of investment value and their definitions;

(4) the relevant evaluation assumptions set;

(5) Restrictions on the performance of assets evaluation procedures;

(6) Restrictions on the use of assets evaluation reports;

(7) Evaluation conclusion interval value, maximum possible value。


Article 43 The underlying assumptions of the assessment usually include:

(1) This evaluation is based on the planned implementation of the merger plan;

(2) Assuming that the economic environment on the base date of evaluation remains unchanged, the target assets of the merger and the country where the merger party is located

Or there are no unforeseeable major changes in the current macro-economy of the region;

(3) The tax types and tax rates implemented by the target company have no major changes in accordance with the merger plan;

(d) after the merger and integration of the company's future operation and management organization due diligence, and in accordance with the merger and acquisition plan of the operation and management mode;

(5) The progress of investment merger and acquisition integration in accordance with the merger plan integration measures complete and timely implementation;

(6) The scope of evaluation shall be the range of assets corresponding to the price provided by the client and paid for the merger.

Other contingent assets and contingent liabilities that may exist are not considered。

Article 44 Restrictions on the use of assets appraisal reports usually include:

(1) The asset evaluation report is only for the use of the evaluation report specified in the report in the process of this merger;

(2) The asset evaluation report can only be used in the merger and acquisition stage disclosed in the report。